One of a Kind Features!

  • A detailed map and pocket guide rolled into one!
  • The only comprehensive map and guide on the market
  • Colorful, durable guide especially designed for hikers, birders, boaters, and bicyclists
  • Water-resistant, tear-proof
  • Light-weight, eco-friendly, compact, & flexible design
  • Most readable island map available
  • Designed by an ecologist to protect the island while recreating
  • Linked to a website with supplemental information
  • Created and sustainably printed in Portland, Oregon

Map Features

  • 40 mapped locations
  • Up-to-date labeled road and water features
  • 10 bird viewing areas and hotspots
  • 8 boat ramp and put-in locations (more than any other map or boating guide available)
  • 5 beach sites
  • 3 hiking trails
  • Historic sites
  • Popular u-pick farms
  • Map icons align with guide tables
  • Private property and wildlife refuge boundaries
  • County lines

Guide Features

  • 22 recreation sites described in a user-friendly table providing:
    • distance
    • directions
    • site features
    • GPS coordinates
  • Easy to read, seasonal boating suitability table for 17 waters (April-Sept.)


Sauvie Island is a large island (nearly the size of Manhattan) nestled in the middle of the Columbia River, less than 12 miles from downtown Portland, Oregon. It’s a magical place set against a spectacular back-drop of Cascadian snow-capped, volcanic peaks and the Tualatin Mountains. It's a rural and wild place where one goes to “slow down.” The northern half of the island is a 12,000-acre wildlife area brimming with navigable, tidally-influenced lakes and streams. It’s popular for hunting, fishing, kayaking, birding, beach-going, and hiking. About 275 bird species (including sandhill cranes, tundra swans, great blue heron, and bald eagle) are known to occur on the island, with 2 to 3 million ducks and geese making the island their winter home. The southern half of the island is mostly farmland. It’s loved for its pumpkin patches, corn mazes, u-pick fruit fields, nurseries, and flat, 12-mile bicycle loop route.


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