Autumn is Here! 

For many recreationists, autumn means time to say hello to many fine-feathered friends who spend only part of the year at the Island. For others, it means saying goodbye to verdant fields, access to a larger trail system, and boating on the interior lakes. If you dress appropriately, it’s a great season for bicycling, birding, and quiet time on the beaches. By January the hunters will be gone, but access to the dikes and lakes is still off-limits to give ODFW time to manage fields and the birds time to be free of direct disturbance. For me, a “cranophile” and raptor enthusiast, I’m as fond of autumn on the island as I am of spring.



Sauvie Island Birding Trips 

Sign up with Portland Audubon for one of their free birding trips on Sauvie Island or the nearby Ridgefield National Wildlife Refuge (NWR). Registration is limited, so sign up soon.

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